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Maria Gudelis

Name - Maria Gudelis
Father’s Name – Ramlal Gudelis
Mother’s Name – Tara Gudelis

Birth Date: September 21, 1980
Birth Place: Mumbai, India
Height: 5' 5

Maria Gudelis Favourite Actress is in the Pic.

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From simple snapshots to crafty creativity

From simple snapshots to crafty creativity

Many an upturned nose has been pointed in at compact cameras by 'serious' photographers but the eminently pocketable A650 is not to be sniffed at.

A 12.1MP sensor takes in the view via the same 6x zoom lens as Canon's more expensive PowerShot G9. Much larger than the glassware featured on most compact cameras, this is a high-quality lens that proved itself with excellent, edge-to-edge sharpness and negligible aberrations in our tests, while offering a fairly fast f/2.8-f/4.8 maximum aperture.

The camera itself is quite a bit chunkier than ultra-slim models but, in our minds, that's a good thing as it enables a more natural, comfortable grip.

As well as a flip-out, fold-around LCD, there's also an optical viewfinder, which is handy for locking the camera into your face to avoid camera shake. Either way, the A650 is remarkably resistant to camera shake thanks to a proper optical Image Stabilisation (IS) system, which, in practice, works noticeably better than the cheaper CCD-shift anti-shake systems featured on many compact cameras and camcorders.

Button up

Handling is very good even though, like many Canon cameras, the simplicity of design translates into fewer buttons. Inevitably, this means a fair amount of doubling-up, with buttons offering multiple functions.

For example, the exposure bias button is also used for both Exposure Lock and Flash Exposure Lock functions, as well as for erasing photos in Playback mode.

It can all get a bit confusing until you're fully fluent with the camera controls. This in itself is a challenge as, apart from a 'quick start' pamphlet, Canon doesn't supply a printed user guide. This is tucked away on a CD, in electronic PDF format, which is a fat lot of use when you're out and about.

On the plus side, though, the mode dial is clearly marked and makes it easy to switch between Auto, Programme, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes.

The main scene modes are also available direct from the dial, including Portrait, Landscape, Night Snapshot and Kids & Pets, which replaces the more conventional Sports mode but still aims for fast shutter speeds.

The zoom switch is placed in front of the shutter release button instead of on the back plate of the camera, which can get annoying because you have to take your finger off the shutter release for zooming.

Count on quality

The generous 6x zoom range is equivalent to 35-210mm, although Canon offers an optional wide-angle converter for about £70 (plus £15 for an adaptor ring) that can take it out to about 26mm.

At the telephoto end, there are 1.5x and 2.0x 'digital tele converter' options built in, which produced excellent results in our tests. If you're determined to pay extra, you can also get a physical 2x tele-converter for around £70.

With a wealth of adjustable metering, exposure and colour modes, the A650 delivers lots of healthy control options. More importantly, it produces wonderful images time after time.

Sharpness and tonal range are excellent, although the camera has a knack of blowing highlights in extremely high-contrast scenes. Autofocus is equally wide-ranging, with all the usual 'intelligent' fully automatic and single spot options on offer, as well as face-detection and a trick Manual Focus mode, which enables you adjust the focus manually and then offers to fine-tune the results.

The A650 IS gives you practically everything you get on the PowerShot G9, but with the notable exceptions that you can't shoot in RAW and that power is supplied from four AA batteries rather than a Li-ion pack.

Even so, we got around 500 shots from a freshly charged set of NiMH cells, and buying spare batteries works out much cheaper. The camera itself is around £75 less expensive than the G9 and, overall, it's a great buy for the money.


* 4 / 5


* Great set of features
* Excellent picture-performance
* Good lens


* Not the cheapest compact around

The A650 IS might seem a little pricey, but it's a step up from most super-slim models, with a top-quality 6x zoom lens and a feature set to match. With its wide-ranging metering and exposure options, and an excellent image stabiliser, you'll get great shots most times

Digital Cameras Resolution 12.1 MP
Image Sensor Type 1/1.7inch CCD
Flash Modes On
Red-Eye Reduction
Transfer Options USB 1.1
USB 2.0
Power Supply 4 x AA Batteries
ISO Settings 400
Longest Shutter Speed 15 secs
Max Aperture 4.8 f
Max Focal Length 44.4 mm
Min Focal Length 7.1 mm
Shortest Shutter Speed 1/2500 secs
MPN 2089B007AA
Price at Launch 329 GBP
Software Provided ZoomBrowser EX / PhotoStitch
Display Size 2.5 inches
Display Type Colour LCD
Memory Card Compatibility SDHC
Camera Battery Life 300 shots CIPA
Drive Modes Continuous
Integral Flash 3.0m at ISO 100
Shutter Delay Less than a second
Write Time 2.0 sec JPEG
Dimensions (excluding protrusions) 112.1 x 67.8 x 56.2 mm (w x h x d)
Weight (g) 390 g

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

All About Cordless Telephone

Get to know interesting facts about cordless telephones. High frequency cordless phones may face interference from signals from other electronic devices.

A cordless telephone (telefone sem fio) is an electronic telephone that comprises of a wireless handset and a base unit. Communication is carried out between the handset and the base using radio waves. The wireless handset can be operated only within a fixed range from its base unit. The range of operation is generally within 100 meters. The base unit needs electricity to power it. Batteries are used to power the cordless handset. Placing the cordless handset in the cradle in the base unit recharges these batteries. A period of 12 to 24 hours is required for recharging the batteries.

With features like cell handover, data transfer and international roaming (on a limited scale), the once clear-cut line between mobile telephones and cordless telephones (telefone sem fio) has now been blended by the modern cordless telephone standards.

Frequency bands have been assigned in each country for cordless telephones (telefone sem fio). Advertisements by manufacturers claiming that there is an improvement in audio range and quality with higher frequency are a common sight. But that is not the case. Actually, higher frequencies have been seen to exhibit worse propagation in ideal case. There is also a tendency for the path loss to increase with higher frequencies. Locally varying factors such as antenna quality, signal strength, the modulation method being used and interference are more influential than other factors.

With Landline telephones working on a bandwidth of about 3.6 kHz (a small fraction of the frequency that a human ear can interpret), the transfer of audio is carried out with an audio quality that is just enough for the parties to communicate each other. Because of this limitation in the design of the phone system itself, it is not possible to improve the audio quality beyond a particular limit in cordless telephones.

Most of the good-quality cordless telephones (telefone sem fio) try transferring the audio signal with lowest possible interference and greatest possible range. Even the best of the cordless telephones fail to match the audio quality that a high quality phone wired to a good telephone line provides.

Sidetone (echo of voice heard in the speaker of the receiver), disturbing constant background noise that is due to the cordless system, and inability to obtain a full frequency response that is available in a wired phone are few of the reasons for a not-so-good audio quality. Rare exceptions, obviously, always exist that sound unbelievably similar to a wired telephone. But even these are considered as `fluke` by most industry standards.

Higher frequency is now being used in other home products like the microwave oven, Baby monitor, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, etc. Thus, cordless telephones (telefone sem fio) using higher frequency may face interference from signals from these devices.

Eavesdropping is a constant security threat for analog telephones. Any one with a radio scanner and within range can pick up these signals and listen to conversations. Modern digital technology is thus being used to take care of this kind of unauthorized access.

DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) makes use of frequency hopping, i.e. spreading up of audio signal over a wider range in a pseudorandom fashion. DSS signal sounds like noise bursts to a radio scanner or any other analog receiver. This signal makes sense only to that base unit which has the same pseudorandom number generator as the cordless handset. Each time the cordless handset is returned to its cradle, a new unique generator is chosen from thousands of options.

DSS generates a signal spread that leads to a kind of redundancy, which gives rise to increased signal-to-noise ratio. It also leads to increase in signal range and decreases interference susceptibility. It is easier to use this kind of wide-bandwidth security option with higher frequency.

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LCD TV - The Latest In Viewing

This article talks about the important features of LCD TV. Also learn the basics of the LCD technology.

Liquid Crystal Display is all about flat panel television technology. The technology of liquid crystal display has penetrated our everyday life in everyday things like wristwatches, mobile phones, calculators, computer monitors and high definition television. The use is growing rapidly and sales of LCD TV are expected to exceed 4 million in America alone.

There are some distinct advantages of LCD panels over other kinds of display technologies. They are slimmer and hardly go beyond 3.5`` in depth. These are lighter also and best of all they draw less power - only about 60% of the power consumed by plasma displays. LCD televisions do not spew electromagnetic waves that are harmful.

There are drawbacks of course - viewing angle is restricted, contrast ratio is limited and time of display response may cause concern. The biggest frown of all is caused by the price. Although it is falling but still it is considerably higher than its plasma counterpart.

LCD displays comprises mainly of sheets of polarized glass sheets - two in number. A liquid crystal solution is sandwiched between these. These liquid crystals are very specific that causes them to act as shutters that open or shut out entry of light as the need arises depending upon flow of electric current. This current passing through the liquid crystals is regulated by voltage that is applied between the glass sheets through the electrodes that are transparent. These form a network having rows on one direction of the panel and columns on the other side representing the pixels or picture elements.

What are these liquid crystals? Matter can be found in three states - solid, liquid and gas. Nevertheless there are substances that exist in a state that is neither liquid nor solid at any one point of time. The behaviour of these molecules is also peculiar. They keep to their orientation like those in a solid and yet they shuffle around taking up various positions like the molecules of a liquid. Thus these liquid crystals can be termed neither solid nor liquid though they have more of an affinity for the latter - that is the liquid state.

There are various types of liquid crystals with each having its distinct properties. Those used in LCD panels are termed nematic-phase liquid crystals. The molecules are arranged in a particular fashion having distinctive pattern.

LCD display systems are of two types - passive and active matrix. The former is more complicated, produces the best pictures and consequently the price also goes up. During the manufacturing stage bad-pixels pose a serious problem. Innumerable controlling transistors are required on the glass substrata to control each sub-pixel. A typical wide screen panel will require 3.1 million transistors. Any one faulty transistor cannot be replaced and are known as dead or stuck pixels. If one is permanently off then a black spot will show and if it is on then a white spot will show. If it crosses a certain number the whole unit will have to be discarded.

It was during the early 2000`s that LCD flat panels took over the television market from the typical CRT`s. The basis of the technology is founded on the characteristics of polarized light. The thin semi liquid crystal gel trapped between two slim polarized sheets is divided into pixels.

There is hectic activity to overcome the technological difficulties to make the set affordable. So the LCD TV has to be made affordable to hit the headlines of success.

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Discounts and Coupons: When to Pass on a Great Deal

The Grocery Store Tour

Many people scour grocery store circulars to figure out who has the best prices for various items and then shop for those items at the stores with the lowest prices. In some cases, this may mean visiting up to three or four different grocery stores to complete the week’s shopping. While this might seem like a good way to save a few dollars, the reality is that it may end up costing you money when you factor in the cost of the gas needed to get you from store to store as well as the intangible cost of your time. Further, in many cases people who shop in this manner buy many items not because they need them, but simply because they are on sale.

Rather than spend your time – and money – taking the weekly grocery store tour, you should try to stock up on staples and non-perishables when they are on sale so that you will have enough to last you until the item goes on sale again. For example, if you and your family consume a good deal of pasta, buy several boxes when it is on sale. Chances are, you will still have some on hand when it goes on sale again. Similarly, assuming you have adequate freezer space, you can stock up on lower-priced meats for later use.
Buy-One, Get-One Offers

While buy-one, get-one free offers are still used, the most common buy-one offer is the buy-one, get-the-second-for half price deal. What this does is entice buyers to “up-spend” to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain more products. In reality, however, the items are rarely things you may actually need two of. For example, it is not uncommon to walk into a shoe store fully intending to buy one pair of shoes only to be enticed by a sign that promotes a buy-one, get-the-second-for-half-price sale. You end up leaving the store with two pair of shoes and spending 50% more than you originally intended. While this might not be a bad deal if you actually need two pair of shoes, chances are you would have been just as satisfied with the one pair you had originally gone to purchase.
A Word about Online Shopping

Approach discounts and sales promotions offered by online vendors very carefully. While they may indeed offer a 50% discount, many also try to recoup a portion of the discount by raising their shipping and handling fee. Before making your purchase, be sure to carefully read the shipping policy to make sure you don’t end up paying more for shipping than for the product itself.

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Special Quality Area Rugs

Quality area rugs are special decorative items which are use to denote carpet or blanket applied over surface. Different kinds of rugs and furniture are used to produce effective, customized,traditional ad modern products.

Quality area rugs are special decorative items which are use to denote carpet or blanket applied over surface. Different kinds of rugs and furniture are used to produce effective, customized, traditional ad modern products. Modern, reflections, floral, infinity quality area rugs are available in the market to meet the demands of the customer around the world. In most of the houses, building and companies, fixtures and carpets will be used in different denomination to come up with decorative, beautiful and sophisticated look. It enhances formal, richness and traditional environment.

Attractive carpets and fittings categorized under interior and exterior decoration items which are listed for reasonable price consideration. Modern furniture comes in different colors, designs, sizes and prices to satisfy the customers of all kinds. Using carpet and furniture comes up with more benefits for the people who make use of it. More number of manufactures shows their interest in offering best materials with regards to quality, durableness and resistance. Using advanced techniques and tools unique style, pattern, color and fit fixtures are produced. Generally, people purchase blanket to cover certain specific floor area in their house or building.

Hand made rugs looks more stylish, traditional with a distinctive features which explicit some kind of meaning in a decorative manner. Nowadays, historical kind of rugs fetches more demand among people and most of the people show their interest in purchasing for competitive prices. Choosing the best for room, house or office should be considered important and accordingly, it should be selected. Colors and designs play the dominant role in choosing the product. Contemporary rugs are special carpet which is used in the rooms of the kids to feel them that they in a wonderful atmosphere.

The size of contemporary comes in smaller or larger size as per the requirement. More number of industries is engaged in the activity of producing the fine arts using experts with well trained quality. High quality, durable and resistant wooden products are used to produce fine Italian furniture. Well qualified, experienced and professional architect will design and produce the products required by the customers in the market. Saying about the historical and past days, nowadays area rugs are designed. Variety of materials, textures, shapes and colors ranging in different sizes are offered in area rugs. Fine quality fabrics are used to enhance professional and sophisticated look for their products.

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There are thousands of online retailers trying to sell everything from used clothing to automobiles. With so many companies trying to sell you something, there are many deals to be found online. Whatever you're looking to buy, chances are you'll save money online versus buying locally. For instance, you do not have to pay any sales tax if you are making a purchase from an out of state merchant.

Here are tips to help you find cheaper deals online.

1. Use a Search Engine - Google.com, Yahoo.com, AskJeeves.com, etc.

The best place to start is by using a search engine and search for the item or kind of product you're looking to buy. Chances are the more popular and larger merchants will show up in the search results and you'll be able to see what they have to offer.

2. Use a Price Comparison Site - PriceGrabber.com, Shopping.com, Shopzilla.com, etc.

Price comparison sites show you all the merchants that sell the item or kind of product all on the same page. You can compare merchant's prices and reviews to make an informed purchase.

3. Use a Deal Site - FatWallet.com, CheaperDeals.net, SlickDeals.net

The purpose of deal sites is to list the best possible deals found online. For example, if you're looking to buy a laptop, a deal site will show you heavily discounted laptops for you to choose from.

To make the most informed purchase as possible, use all three options before making a decision. Happy Hunting!

There are countless deals online and many deal sites that help you find them. We were never satisfied with the other deal sites out there and that's why we created CheaperDeals.net: to find and list the best deals and the cheapest prices. Period.

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